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Audio examples

All of these examples are from Rubber Band v1.5.0 with the default parameters.

As with all software of this kind, actual results will depend heavily on the audio being processed. You can also significantly adjust the results using Rubber Band's small number of editable parameters. Try it yourself rather than trusting the examples.

Example 1 - Jazz ensemble

Original         Sped up to 90% of original duration
Slowed down to 110% of original duration
Pitch raised by 3 semitones
Pitch raised by 1 semitone
Pitch lowered by 1 semitone
Pitch lowered by 3 semitone
Pitch lowered by 7 semitones

Music: "Type AB" by Bob Johnson and the Funkadawgs

Example 2 - Deep house

(c. 126bpm)
Slowed down to 50bpm
Slowed down to 90bpm
Slowed down to 110bpm
Sped up to 140bpm
Sped up to 170bpm

Music: "Blank faced groove" by Windcheater

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