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31st July, 2022

Rubber Band Audio v3.0.0 now available

Version 3.0.0 of Rubber Band Audio, our application for interactive pitch and tempo modification of audio with batch processing support and tempo detection, is now available.

The main change is to introduce the new processing engine from Rubber Band Library v3. This is a hugely improved engine which produces even higher quality output with almost all types of music.

The new engine is the default in this release, but you can also switch back to the old one by switching from "Finer" to "Faster" in the options pane. (The old engine is "Faster" because it uses less processing power and so can save and export more quickly -- the name has nothing to do with the speed of the music!)

This release also features a new playback volume level display and control, improved interaction for the Speed and Pitch dials, and a more beautiful Night colour theme.