Rubber Band Library  1.8.1

The Rubber Band API is contained in the single class RubberBand::RubberBandStretcher.Threading notes for real-time applications:

Multiple instances of RubberBandStretcher may be created and used in separate threads concurrently. However, for any single instance of RubberBandStretcher, you may not call process() more than once concurrently, and you may not change the time or pitch ratio while a process() call is being executed (if the stretcher was created in "real-time mode"; in "offline mode" you can't change the ratios during use anyway).

So you can run process() in its own thread if you like, but if you want to change ratios dynamically from a different thread, you will need some form of mutex in your code. Changing the time or pitch ratio is real-time safe except in extreme circumstances, so for most applications that may change these dynamically it probably makes most sense to do so from the same thread as calls process(), even if that is a real-time thread.